DG LVR Services
The Dirt Gravel & Low Volume Roads Specialist, Gregg Smith, is responsible for administering the Dirt, Gravel & Low Volume Roads Program (DGLVR) within the County. After serving the District as an AmeriCorps volunteer, he accepted a position as the DGLVR Specialist. He has a degree in Civil Engineering Technologies and has been certified as a DGLVR Specialist through multiple trainings and workshops.   He works with applicants to develop plans for projects and assists with the logistics of project work whenever possible. He is responsible for keeping all records of projects and maintaining an inventory of all completed and current work sites using a GIS system. Project inspections are done prior to work starting, during construction and when site work is completed. A portion of the annual DGLVR Program funding is required to be used for Training & Education purposes. The District applies these Training and Education funds toward demonstration construction projects and the purchase of equipment for the municipalities to borrow. This policy allows us to provide additional monies toward ESM construction and place more ESM techniques onto the roadways.









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